Our Story

It's a Passion...

In 2004, Goode Rider set out to revolutionize the equestrian clothing world. We saw an opportunity to bring style, fit, and function to riders, and we sparked a change that is in full swing today. Inspired by fashion and fueled by athleticism, our clothing continues to lead the industry.


Our obsession with making the best fitting clothing, enabled us to expand to other activities. You can now find us on runners, hikers, yogis, skiers, and more…

We want you to feel supported no matter what you are doing.


The mission is simple, provide our customers with Collections that combine cutting-edge technologies and performance fabrics, with the latest fashion trends, from around the world.


Explore, Experience, Enjoy Goode Rider…

Lorna and Kristin

Meet The Goode Rider Gals

Micaela Love

Auburn, CA


Courtney Mohler

Walworth, WI


Kristin Montero

San Jose, CA


Emily Johnson


Dylan Phillips

Pittsboro, NC


Taryn Young

Saint Charles, IL


Mette Rosencrantz

Pacific Palisades, CA


Sadhbh Slattery