5 reasons why thousands of riders trust Goode Rider Breeches

Breeches made for on and off the saddle. Founded by riders for riders.


Wide Contour Stretch Waistbands

Avoid a muffin top whilst getting the best performance from your breeches. Goode Rider wide stretch contoured waistbands help do both. Find it in the Vogue Jeans, Miracle Breeches and Equestrian Jean


Specially Twisted Cotton/Spandex Fibers

Breeches so comfortable you could sleep in them, instead of normal breeches which bog you down. You can wear Goode Rider breeches for days and they will not lose their shape, yet they feel like you are almost wearing leggings! Try the Vogue or Equestrian Jeans to feel breeches like never before!

Attention to Detail

Perfectly placed back pockets with subtle whip and spur embroidery makes Goode Rider breeches stand out from the crowd. All finished with a subtle sticky full seat. For the ultimate show day look try the Miracle Breeches.


We Pride Ourselves In Our Fits

Goode Rider tights and breeches fit like no other equestrian apparel. Women routinely wear Goode Rider tights to ride, run and train! The Perfect Sport Tights are the ultimate all rounder if you are someone who enjoys life outside of riding to!

Our Breeches & Jeans Work As Well In The Saddle As Out On The Town

For years women wanted breeches that were not only restricted to the barn. Whilst Goode Rider breeches performance is unmatched whilst riding they are also great to wear out and about. A subtle sticky seat ensures your breeches look amazing no matter what. Try the Vogue Jeans or Miracle Breeches for styles you can wear anywhere.


Don't just take our word for it...

"I love these jeans, I will be ‘living’ in them! They were soft and comfy right out of the package. This is my second pair. I waited a long time for them to become available in my size again. Love them." - Debra H (Equestrian Jean)

I love these, they are so comfortable! I immediately went to order more, unfortunately they are sold out. Don't wait to order if you find your size! - Mary M (Equestrian Jean)

Greatest Breeches ever. These are the bomb - Sue W (Equestrian Jean)

Excellent fit, super stretchy yet form fitting. The fabric is very durable and the quality is superb. I love the wider belt loops which fit a multitude of belts from skinny to wider. You will love these! - Susan P (Posh Jean)

They fit great! They don't slide down while sitting or riding. A higher rise is the way to go for mature women. Stretchy, Comfortable and not too grippy in the seat. - Katherine M (Posh Jean)


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