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Top 5 Goode Gifts for the Holidays

While Christmas Eve is just around the corner, holiday shopping can be exhausting and time consuming both online and in the stores. We’ve narrowed down some of our top products to gift your equestrian athletes and enthusiasts this holiday season. Whether your friends and family are spending the holidays curled up around a fireplace up north, or heading south to avoid the snow storms this season, we’ve got the perfect gifts for both climates here at Goode Rider.

  1. The Calvary Vest – This feminine, but sexy classic oilskin vest is a head turner this holiday season. This functional vest includes leather side snap vents for easy release while in the saddle or driving a car.
  2. The Couture Breech – These are our new and super elegant flattering breeches in a mid rise fit. The horse bit detail on the pockets goes great paired with the ideal show shirt.
  3. The Favorite Sweater – Whether she’s a rider or just an equestrian style enthusiast, the cosy sweater is perfect for any lady looking to stay chic and warm. The Favorite sweater is also a great piece to throw on after a ride in the morning if you’re heading out to lunch with friends and you want to dress up your barn-chic look a bit.
  4. The Glam Down Parka – If you’re wintering somewhere cold, this parka is the winner for someone looking warmth and style. It’s beautifully tailored and cut slightly longer with corset-style darts at the waist, giving a sexy hourglass silhouette. It’s also functional for riding with gussets in back that can release while you’re in the saddle.
  5. The Ideal Show Shirt – this Goode Rider piece is perfect to wear all year round, or for those wintering in warmer weather. This is our most popular school show shirt. Riders love the moisture wicking fabric and the horse bit zipper detail.

We hope you get inspired by these Goode last minute gifts from Goode Rider, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday from all of us at Goode Rider!

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