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The Queen at Ninety

Think You Are A Horse Queen? You Don’t Even Come Close to this Ultimate Equestrian Fashionista

The Queen at Ninety is an excellent inside look at the extraordinary reign of Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch in England’s history. She is only #43 on the all-time list of world monarchies, but we’re impressed that she’s ninety, and even more impressive is that she’s ninety and still riding! With her style and grace, she is definitely the ultimate equestrian fashionista.

Although the documentary is highly edited, it is a wonderful look at her life, how responsible and committed she was at such a young age, and how there is so much more to the Queen than we might realize. She’s met more world leaders than any other official. Her age hasn’t slowed her demanding schedule which includes unveilings, acknowledgements, and openings plus the travel getting to all these places, the innovative “community” programs she’s introduced such as her quarterly tea parties hosting thirty-some thousand people, elaborate dinner parties of which she is involved in the planning, not to mention an annual party honoring the most innovative people from each of her Commonwealth States of which there are fifty-two. She’s also had a nice long relationship with her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg, and she had rave and respectful reviews from the next-gen Royals, not Prince Charles, but rather her grandchildren: Prince William and his wife Princess Kate, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

Not to give away the show, but our favorite part is what the Queen does to relax if she actually ever does get to do such a thing. She’s on duty all the time except for Christmas and her birthday. So in her down time, you will find her on a horse! Remember the title of the show is “The Queen at Ninety!” So if ever there were an ultimate equestrian fashionista, it would be Her Majesty. Happy Birthday! May we all be riding … at ninety!

The show is still on air on various channels for free e.g., the next one is on May 22 on PBS, and it is also available for purchase e.g., itunes.

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