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The Goode Rider Ambassador Search Is On

Apply today for the chance to be a part of the Goode Rider team!

Goode Rider is officially on the hunt for ambassadors, Goode Rider Gals. We are looking for equestrians who are style savvy and active on social media. This program is competitive, as we are only seeking a limited number of ambassadors within each geographic region.

What is a Goode Rider Gal? A Goode Rider Gal shares a passion for horses, is enthusiastic and dedicated to her equestrian sport, and has excellent taste in fit and style. Goode Rider Gals are goal-getters. They spend endless hours at the barn and horse shows to excel in the sport, but also build relationships with their horses and fellow riders. Goode Rider Gals love sharing to social media, whether it’s posting pictures of their horses winning at horse shows, or their classy “ROOTD” (Riding outfit of the day) style post to Instagram. She loves interacting with people both online and around the barn.

What does it take to be a Goode Rider Gal?
We require a completed application to become a member of the Goode Rider Gal team. Upon selection, you will be invited into the Goode Rider team where you’ll be invited to our social media online community where we’ll share relevant tips and tricks to growing your own network, receive complimentary merchandise each season, and a discount code to share with your friends!

When you’re a Goode Rider Gal, you’re not just a promoting our brand, you’re a member of a special community of like-minded riders and equestrians. By sharing our passion for horses and a comfortable and chic lifestyle, the Goode Rider team works to support each other’s goals both in life and in equestrian careers. This program is designed for those who want to enrich their careers both at the barn and beyond!

Do you LOVE Goode Rider and want to receive complimentary merchandise every season? You will even receive a 20% off discount code for you and your followers! Are you ready to be a part of an exclusive team where we help you grow your online community, too? Don’t delay…

Applications are being accepted from February 28-March 14, 2019.

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