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Style Profile: Goode Rider Gal Micaela Love

By: Micaela Love

My love for the Goode Rider brand – and their motto, “to the barn and beyond” – started when I was sixteen.  I fell in love with the Goode Rider jackets and wore them everyday when I went to work at a local feed store.

Micaela Love Horsemanship February 2018

Today, I still rely on the Goode Rider brand for riding attire that’s as versatile as I am.  As a professional equestrian, I need to be able to ride athletically at a moments notice, but not LOOK like I’ve been riding and sweating all day!  One of the pieces that embodies this for me is Goode Rider’s Equestrian Jean Breech.  They’re perfect to ride and train in, but with a simple shoe switch they become a stylish pair of pants I can feel comfortable in anywhere!  This is a lifesaver with my hectic schedule.  So often my only chance to run an errand might be between lessons or rides and it’s so nice to feel comfortable in my work clothes both at and away from the barn.

Another piece I absolutely love is the Goode Rider Complete Show Coat.  I love this coat and have worn it to many competitions.  I’ve also worn it as a blazer to business meetings.  It’s a very fashionable piece and I love that I can utilize it in multiple aspects of my life.  

A big part of my business is teaching horsemanship clinics and performing demos at events.  In these settings, a professional look is a must!  I’m so grateful for a brand that lets me keep my professional look without sacrificing functionality!  The Goode Rider brand understands women’s specific needs when it comes to functional fashion, and are a staple for any woman working in the horse industry.  

As an entrepreneur myself, I love being able to support another business started and owned by women, but it’s especially easy when they offer a high quality product that’s a part of my everyday life.  I love being an ambassador for Goode Rider.  I’m always happy to share product recommendations and am so happy to be able to offer my personal code to friends and family to use at checkout for a discount.  I often joke that if I wasn’t a horse trainer I would start my own equestrian fashion line, it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about!  As it is, I’m grateful to be able to support a business that offers quality products tailored for women like me who need fashion and functionality, for the barn and beyond! 

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