PAST PRESENT FUTURE – All come together in our Fall 2017 collection. We have reinvented “old classics” with new contemporary fabrics, technologies and details. We are celebrating the human creativity throughout the ages and reinventing luxury by blending showy codes of royalty with street wear and down to earth nature.
Earth tones and Dark Hues gets offset by gorgeous pops of jewel tones in Reds and Blues. Basic fabrics, like Wool are being mixed with Poly for technical and sporty handfeels. A new composition of specially twisted yarns for extreme stretch and recovery gives denim a completely new outlook for future. Fur is back in a big way, fur hoods, fur collars, fur linings brings back eras of romanticism. Fabrics are super light weight yet keeps you warm in cool winter months.
City Style Rain Coats and Jackets give a modern feel and keeps us rooted in the present.
Kristin and Lorna

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