Stable to Street: Goode Rider Vogue Jean Breeches

Goode Rider Vogue Jean Breeches (Front)

Sometimes you have to go somewhere straight from the barn. But that’s okay. In these situations, the Goode Rider Vogue Jean is just what you need. Perfect for on-the-go riders, these denim breeches are pseudo jeans. Details like pockets and a stitched zipper fly help you transition from the barn to the city and back.

Why Do We Love the Vogue Jean Breeches?

With a composition of specially twisted yarns for super stretch and soft velvet feel, the Vogue Jean is as comfy in the saddle as it is out. Featuring a double-button closure, the custom-fit stretch waistband is comfortable on every body.  Although the sleek mid-rise fit is sexy, it does not sacrifice coverage. Delicate, subtly equestrian whip embroidery on the back pockets alludes to your equestrian activities without broadcasting it. Meanwhile, the discreet knee patches match the denim fabric, blending in to appear like true skinny jeans. Plus, the breeches are available in both regular and long styles, so you’re never caught with high waters when you swap your field boots for sandals.

How Do You Pair the Vogue Jean Breeches?

These incredibly flattering breeches pair perfectly with a cute tee for that post-ride errand. For days that involve post-riding errands, pair our Charcoal Denim with a deep burgundy riding top (we might recommend the Long Sleeve Ideal Show Shirt in burgundy or gunmetal link). However, for more lengthy after-barn activities like lunch or drinks, the Blue/Black Denim breeches are ideal. Simply swap out your riding shirt for your favorite top when you leave the barn. Dress things up with a nice sweater and statement necklace for more sophisticated occasions.

No matter what you wear them with, the Vogue Jean breeches are simply destined to become a favorite piece—wherever you’re headed.

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Tech Tips: Stay Cool This Summer

Goode Rider Cool Clothes for Summer

Things are heating up in our neck of the woods, and chances are your location isn’t far behind. This leads up to the annual conundrum: How to stay cool at the barn? Helmets certainly don’t do riders any favors in this department. Things are even worse if you plan on showing: stock ties, show coats and long days out in the sun all contribute to toasty rides. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some tips to help you stay comfortable when the mercury rises. Cool down with these technical tips for riding wear this summer.

Light Colors

Everyone knows black attracts heat, by why is that? Basically, certain colors absorb certain wavelengths of light. Albeit not a “color” in the technical sense, black is essentially a muddy combination of all the other colors. This means that is absorbs all light, making it hotter than other colors. White, on the other hand, reflects light.

So opt for lighter colors when possible. White is best, but even a pale blue is better than dark blue when you have the choice. The Goode Rider Super Seamless Shirt comes in an array of lighter colors, from white to aqua to a beautiful orchid long sleeve. It’s great for schooling, and the moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool under a show coat, too.


Human bodies have built-in mechanisms for staying cool when it’s hot out. All you have to do is allow to to function correctly. Good fabric is key for allowing your body to sweat. This sounds easy, but it can be tough when you have to wear full-seat breeches. Goode Rider’s Seamless Designer Tights are made from a polyamide / spandex material that’s both breathable and moisture wicking. They have ventilated knees for better air flow, as well.

The fabric is also anti-bacterial for odor control. However, you still need to wash them often. Like skin, the pores of the fabric can get clogged by dirt, so it’s important to keep them clean so they function their best. That means rotating clothing or washing your riding clothes (as well as saddles pads and wraps, for your horse’s sake) after every ride, if you can.


If loose clothing is your friend, then structure is your best friend. Shirts with seaming keep fabric from clinging to your body, which is uncomfortable and causes more sweating.  Another thing to note is that heavy embellishments weigh clothes down and trap the fabric against your body. Avoid lots of bling until the weather cools off. The Best Shirt is a great simple, structured option. It’s loose-fitting with seams on the sides to keep the fabric away from your torso, and does not have excessive embellishments. The Boyfriend Shirt is another great choice. It even comes in a summery gingham print!

Sun Protection

Lastly, don’t forget sun protection. Long sleeves may sound like the last thing you want to wear on a hot day, but it will keep you safe. It will also prevent that awful scorched-skin sensation so you won’t feel hot the next day. The Long Sleeve Ideal Show Shirt is perfect for hot weather. It’s wicking and breathable, and it will protect your arms from the su’s harmful rays during long days outside. The zip front can be zipped up to protect the back of your neck from sunburn. If it’s really hot, you can even wet the collar of your shirt to keep yourself cool.

We won’t tell if you just want to hose yourself off along with your horse after a long ride. (We’ve all been there.) Whatever you do, be sure to stay cool out there!

Gift Guide: What to Buy for Mother’s Day

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers mean it’s gift-giving season. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, May 14. Then there’s the plethora of high school and college graduations that pop up like daffodils this time of year. But what to get for the equestrian fashionista in your life?

The Vogue Vest

The Vogue Vest fits the bill on all accounts. Like all Goode Rider products, this beautiful vest is practical for the barn. However, it’s also stylish enough to wear everywhere else. Featuring faux fur trim and leather pull tabs on the zippers, it’s luxurious yet utilitarian. The Vogue Vest is one gift that will certainly be appreciated as fickle spring weather gives way to summer.Goode Rider Vogue Vest

Flattering princess seaming belies the warmth of this convertible garment. A soft fur fleece lining will keep mom warm on cooler mornings, while the faux-fur-lined hood is removable to transition easily into warmer weather. And the stretchy, water-resistant fabric will keep her dry in case those April showers decide they’re not quite finished after all.

The Vogue Vest also makes a wonderful graduation gift for graduates, whether they’re equestriennes or non-riders. This stylish piece is perfect for layering over a sweater or shirt to run errands on chilly spring days. Its sleek design creates a beautiful, streamlined silhouette, so she’ll look great no matter what she’s doing. Plus, black looks good on everyone!

Whether it’s for Mom, a matriculant, or just somebody who deserves a little something special, give the gift of Goode Rider this spring. The woman of the hour will thank you.

Stable to Street: Body-Sculpting Seamless Tights

Body-Sculpting Tights

“I truly didn’t believe you about these tights….what tights? Yeah, the ones my customers ‘try’ then refuse to take off”

Feed, muck, groom, lunge, ride, grain, repeat… There’s little time to do anything for yourself when you have horses demanding your attention. So why not wear something that transitions effortlessly from the stable to the street?

That’s where Goode Rider comes in.

Multi-purpose garments are the name of the game for busy riders. Whether you’re riding, biking, doing yoga, or just running errands in town, our Body-Sculpting Tights can handle it all, allowing you to multi-task in style. Plus, they’re super comfy—just ask one of our retailers:

“I truly didn’t believe you about these tights….what tights? Yeah, the ones my customers ‘try’ then refuse to take off after they throw their credit cards at me and scream, ‘Oh, YEAH…I’m NEVER taking these off.’ I wore my own pair for my riding lesson today. Then wore them to the store…..four pairs GONE! In a matter of minutes! Incredible! I think I’ll be sleeping in mine. These are the most comfortable riding pants I have ever owned.”

These seamless compression tights are so versatile you’ll never need to take them off—let alone want to. Breathable and wicking, our anti-cellulite tights are extra ventilated at the knees so you’re free to break a sweat whether you’re at the barn or the gym.

In addition to UV protection for long days under the sun, they have built-in anti-bacterial and odor-controlling properties, so you can head straight to the grocery store afterward (let’s be honest—we all know those looks cast by non-riders in the cereal aisle). And with a tummy-control waistband and slimming NILIT® INNERGY nylon fibers, you’ll look so good that you’ll want to wear our Body-Sculpting Tights when you’re not even going to the barn.

Now, that’s what we call multi-purpose.



Stay tuned for the next installment of our “Stable to Street” series featuring our favorite products that transition effortlessly throughout your life.