Saratoga Equestrian Style

Have you ever visited the historic ‘equestrian style’ town, Saratoga in New York? If you haven’t, we highly recommend a trip, or even adding the Saratoga Horse Shows to your horse show bucket list.

About Saratoga

The Battles of Saratoga (September 19 and October 7, 1777) marked the peak of the Saratoga campaign; the attempt by the British to gain military control of the Hudson River valley during the American Revolutionary War. Today, we know it as the ‘southernmost foothills of the Adirondack Region in Upstate New York’. The slogan for Saratoga Springs is, “Health, History, and Horses,” the three things it is best known for.

Full of rich history, mineral springs, historic inns and parks, Skidmore College, eclectic boutiques and shopping on Broadway street, and the traditional Saratoga Race Track, Saratoga is quite the place to visit during the Summer.

Photo source: Equestrian Stylist

Saratoga is one of the few places left rich in minerals. The springs are a result of a geological fault that allows water trapped  in shale layers to surface. Historically, settlers here would bathe and drink the Saratoga waters to heal and cure themselves of ailments. Even George Washington was an advocate of Saratoga’s restorative powers. Even today, some doctors recommend ‘taking the waters’ to cure kidney and liver complaints, rheumatism, diabetes, heartburn, cancer, malaria, hangovers, and more.

Photo Source: Equestrian Stylist

The ‘old dirt track on Union Ave’ is one of the oldest race tracks in American history. By many accounts, it is also known as the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the country. One of it’s most famous races, ‘The Travers’, nicknamed Midsummer Derby, brings together the greatest three-year-old horses to the race course to compete for the $1.25 million purse. Saratoga is also known for it’s high profile Thoroughbred Sales industry, which sales running through Fasig Tipton during August and October.

Photo Source: CBS Philly

Fiberglass horse statues are painted throughout the town to recognize Saratoga’s art scene. Shopping on broadway is one of our favorite activities. The buildings are rich in history, and you can find unique pieces in the boutiques you won’t find anywhere else. One of our favorite stores is Saratoga Saddlery! Be sure to stop in and tell them hey from the Goode Rider Gals 😉

Photo: Saratogian

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Happy Polo: Silky yet technical this fun polo is as functional as it is flattering.

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7 Tips To Prepare for Pony Finals

In 1976, the American Horse Shows Association launched Pony Finals as a national event, open to all members who met the qualifying criteria. As a longstanding tradition,  the USEF Pony Finals is the most prestigious and celebrated event of its kind in the United States. The event takes places in Lexington, Kentucky and features the Regular Hunter Pony and Green Hunter Pony finals, a three phase competition judging the pony’s conformation, way of moving and jumping ability.

The Marshall & Sterling/USEF Pony Medal Final tests young riders’ equitation, judging their ability to compete over a technical and challenging course of fences. As junior riders dream of competing in the Grand Prix ring one day, the USEF Pony Jumper Championship was designed to build the foundation for this. 

Photo by Barre Dukes / Phelps Sports

Mentally and physically Pony Finals can be an exhausting event, especially for parents. It is critical to be sure you and your team are mentally and physically prepared for this exciting event. This year, Pony Finals is August 8- August 12, 2018 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

  1. Pack extra competition apparel: go through your trainer’s checklist from the barn and make sure you have everything you need for this top event. Be sure to pack extra shirts and pants (just in case!) Riders will need everything from their breeches and riding shirts, to stock ties, gloves, and shad bellies.
  2. Polish those boots! Make sure the tops of the toes and calves are extra shiny. This is an event you’ll definitely want to stand out in the crowd.
  3. Get enough rest: make sure you and your child are in bed early the night before the big event. Even if the class goes late in the day, it’s best to get to the show and watch the course in the divisions prior to plan the best ride.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Pony Finals is during the month of August, where temperatures can be pretty hot. Overly hydrate on the trip up and during the event to keep your body in top condition.
  5. Eat a nutritious meal: eating a well-balanced meal the night before Pony Finals will help energize you and young riders for this exciting event. Try to eat plenty of greens and protein while avoiding sweets the night before.
  6. Take deep breathes: Pony Finals can be one of the most nerve wracking events due to the level of competition, pressure kids are under, and the environment. Taking deep breathes and meditating before entering the ring can be a calming exercise to help both horse and rider with nerves.
  7. Have Fun: Remember to motivate your young rider and explain that this event is mostly about ‘having fun’. Don’t be discouraged if your pony acts up, or if your rider ‘chips a jump’, it’s about the experience and meeting up with the top ponies in the country.


8 Easy Horsemanship Tips to Build The Relationship With Your Horse

With all of the twists and turns and ups and downs of life, it’s critical to remember that strengthening your relationships create a healthier life. Building and strengthening the relationship between you and your horse is also a key element in healthy horsemanship. Whether you’re training a young green horse, working on some discipline issues, or simply looking to ‘reconnect’, we are here to provide you with eight tips to help grow the relationship between you and your equine.

1. Spending time: the key to every relationship is spending quality time. Spend some time to get to know your horse on another level other than just riding. Take him for a hand walk or nice graze under a shade tree. The more time you spend getting to know your horse, the stronger bond you will share.

2. Learn your horse’s body language: Have you ever felt like sometimes you just can sense what your horse is thinking? When you’re really trying to understand what your horse is telling you, watch his body language. Is he fussing with his tail and possibly upset with his surroundings? Are his ears forward and his neck relaxed, looking calm and relaxed? Your horse will confide in you if you allow him. Learning ‘what makes him tick’ will take time, but take note on what he likes and doesn’t like to help lead him to his happiness.

3. Practice ground training exercises regularly: oftentimes we get stuck in the habit of riding every day, and not working on ground training. If ground manners start becoming a problem, take him back to the basics of being patient on the ground. Don’t let him ‘take advantage’ and push you over when you’re trying to lead him. Sometimes our horses begin to think they are the boss after being spoiled for too long. Remember, it’s our job to teach them that we are the boss leading them.

*the Goode Rider Forever Shirt is a great top to wear while working at the barn and bonding with your horse. It’s cut a little bit looser for comfort, yet the flattering princess panels add shape. 

4. Reward good behavior: this is huge! If your horse had an exceptional day, be sure to reward him. If you’re riding and he does an excellent course, give him a pat on the neck. After your ride, treat him to some carrots or apples, or even a sweet snack of peppermints.

5. Regular grooming and bubble baths: Building a bond with your horse means getting up close and personal. Rub him down with regularly to check the nooks and crannies of his legs and body for any possible cuts, scrapes, or matted hair. When you know the ins and outs of your horse’s body, you will be able to build a better relationship to understand if something is bothering him.

6. Take him or her ‘off property’: Whether you go out for a trail ride, or a local horse show, getting off the barn property is great for any horse’s mind.

7. Introduce your horse to your friends and family: You introduce your significant other to your friends and family, so why not your horse? Horses love to interact with humans, so if you bring your friends and family by, give them some treats as they meet him. Your relationship with your horse will grow when you feel confident enough to ‘show him off’ to others.

8. Talk to your horse: It seems so simple, but it’s one of the best ways to communicate with your horse. Whether you’re in the tack, or on the ground, be vocal with your equine friends. Don’t just cluck at him, talk to him and tell him ‘you’re a good boy’. If you’re having trouble finding a distance to the jump, I always recommend singing a song to help keep the rhythm. Your horse will appreciate the tune, too!

Ashley Cagle of aboard “Hadfield’s Minuet”, her retired hunter/jumper Dutch Warmblood in Ocala, Florida Photo by: Kathy Cline Photography

There becomes a point where you become so comfortable with your horse, you can just lay on their back with no halter and lead rope in the pasture. It’s a remarkable ‘freeing’ feeling to just enjoy the back of your horse while grazing. The best relationships are built on those with trust, and the more you can grow your trust with your horse, the better!



Devon Horse Show Traditions

Since 1896, The Devon Horse Show has been held in late May through early June in Devon, Pennsylvania. It is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed equestrian competition in the United States. The traditions are rich at the Devon Horse Show, from the country fair, ladies day luncheon, to vendors row and food, we’ll walk you through some of the well known sights and experiences from this exciting event.

Photo Credit:

Carriage Driving

The carriage driving four-in-hand events are some of the most exciting to watch at the Devon Horse Show. When spectators first came to the Devon Horse Show back in the early nineteen hundreds, many showed up in horse-drawn carriage. The coaching division (pictured above) is one of the most traditional. These elaborate carriages are fully equipped with uniformed grooms and footmen and adorned with all the details they would have had when new, including packed sandwiches, candle lit headlights, and umbrella holders. Every night through Friday there is a different coaching class to test the horses and drivers. Some are judged on beauty and authenticity, while others are judged on speed and how fast they can go through a difficult course of orange cones.


Some of the most traditional equestrian sports stem from the Saddlebred industry. The Saddlebred is exhibited in several different divisions including five-gaited, three-gaited, fine harness, pleasure, park, and western. The traditional ‘saddle seat’ attire includes jodhpurs, collard dress shirt, vest, black gloves, boots, and a top hat. Don’t be alarmed if you see fashion stylist Carson Kressley ringside (or showing) at the Devon Horse Show. He is a Saddlebred traditionalist and has been showing at the Devon Horse Show since 1986. “There is so much tradition here. There is no other place that has the ambience that Devon has. You can go shopping, there’s a big crowd, it’s the charm of the Main Line, the blue and white…..we don’t have another horse show that’s like this.” – Carson was quoted on Devon from an article published at US Equestrian here a few years back.

Photo by:

Pony Hunt Teams 

Perhaps one of the most exciting events for the children is the pony hunt teams. The children and ponies competing at the Devon Horse Show are the top competing ponies in the country (top 30 get qualified). For pony hunt teams, a group of 3 riders (in the same size division) plan a theme to dress up together in costume for this event. The riders have to jump a full course of 8 jumps in a single-file line until the final jump where everyone jumps together in sync, not to mention – all according to a song they choose to play over the loud speaker. Anything and everything goes in this class, and the kids (and ponies) get a kick out of this class since Devon is the only horse show that offers this exciting opportunity.

Photo by:


Devon Horse Show features the best in all breeds, but also all ages. Leadline is not just a show for the little rider, but also the handler. Handlers are to dress to impress with fashionable outfits coordinating both pony and rider. Usually there are over 80 leadline entries between the two divisions, under four years old, and four years old and up.

Weather in Devon, PA can be sporadic, so we recommend bringing a versatile jacket ‘just in case’ it rains or the wind is blowing. The Goode Rider Warm Up Jacket is the perfect piece to include in your Devon Horse Show packing list. This 3 in 1 Jacket is super versatile and fashionable at the same time. Outer layer is water repellent for those rainy days, its zips in and out and can be worn with or without the underlayer, depending on temperatures. The inside layer is a knit jacket that can be worn separately.

Best of luck to all of the competitors showing at the Devon Horse Show this week! It is a huge accomplishment to compete at the Devon Horse Show, and the memories will last forever. If you’re attending, be sure to grab some traditional Devon tea sandwiches and a box of fudge – you’ll go back for seconds, for sure!









Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day show your mom how much you love her by gifting her something she will really love. If she’s a horse lover, we’ve got her covered…

Go for a trail ride! Whether you’re close to the mountains or the beach, pack up the horse trailer, tack, and horses and get off the property for the day. Your horses will enjoy the scenery just as much as she will with you!Take her out for a spa day – any lady loves a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage (or all of the above for the day!)

Shower her with Goode Rider goodies! – From functional equestrian rain coats, equestrian competition apparel, and comfy equestrian style tees, Goode Rider has great gifts for Mom.

  1. Reign Jacket:This stylish colorful jacket will brighten her outlook on a dreary rainy day. Streamlined silhouette with a drawcord in back so you can get a turned in look at waist. Double entry pockets with zipper and snap closure and pretty contrast piping. Grosgrain detailing highlights the feminine princess paneling. 2-way zipper in front and a longer pleated back with a hidden zipper and gusset ensures you stay dry. Cuff zippers with gussets finishes this fashionable rain coat.
  2. Ideal Show Shirt: Our ever popular show and schooling shirt in a moisture wicking fabric. Flattering princess seaming with contrast banding and coverstitch for a streamlined silhouette. Mock neck zip front with pretty silver horsebit pull. Logo embroidery on chest or sleeve and a back Loop for stocktie on white.
  3. Goode Rider Comfy Tee: Silky, super thin yet technical, this fun tee is exactly what it’s named after, super comfortable. Loose A-line cut silhouette with an asymmetrical hemline. Ribbed, raw hems finishes the bottom and sleeve cuff. Goode Rider printed logo on back and sleeve.

Make her one of her favorite meals – make one of your childhood favorites she used to make for you growing up, or be spontaneous and check out a new recipe you found on a blog or healthy website.

And finally, don’t forget to tell her you Love her in a sweet card… Remember to thank her for all those times she supported you at the horse show, groomed your horses / ponies while you were competing, made sure you got to the horse show on time, and cheered you on every step of the way. She truly is the BEST and be sure to give her lots of love and hugs for being your momma.



Summer Equestrian Essentials

Whether your galloping across hay fields, or trail riding on the beach, the Summer is approaching and it’s time to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your favorite equine. As the warm weather approaches and the sun heats up, remember to keep your skin and your horse’s skin protected. We’ve got some helpful tips and summer essentials to keep you cool and comfortable this Summer!

Our new Goode Rider Seamless Cooltech Jacket is perfect for riding outdoors in bright sun. It’s sweat wicking properties will keep you cool and comfortable. The seamless design with slight ruching at waist for a super comfortable and flattering fit. This very flattering seamless lined design gives a beautiful silhouette in and out of the tack. No seams mean no chafing. Fabric is lightweight, perfect for spring, yet blocks the sun. Don’t forget: a  new pair of sunglasses are always a treat for the Summertime! We love the lightweight aviators by Ray Ban- classic, and chic! Our new Goode Rider Couture Breech is the best way to go from the stables to the city streets.  These breeches are super elegant and flattering in a mid rise fit. They are designed with a new composition of specially twisted yarns for incredible stretch and recovery. The silver horse bit hardware on the front pockets are a subtle equestrian style touch. Get some fun tech-socks for riding in your favorite summer prints, and don’t forget to stock up on a bucket of peppermints for the ponies!

Lexol Quick Wipes from Dover Saddlery are a great way to keep your tack clean and fresh after a good workout on your horse. Don’t let your tack get moldy, and clean it after every ride. Your horse and hands will thank you later! Our new Goode Rider Seamless Cooltech Tank is another great top for an extremely warm day in the summer. Go from yoga class to the barn in this super-flattering zip up top that also blocks the sun. The silky elastic hair ties (that you can pretty much get anywhere nowadays) are great to wear around your wrist until you are ready to pull your hair up. Always keep one on you during the Spring/Summer. Lather up with some broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen, and don’t forget to spray your horse with some sunscreen to keep his/her coat looking it’s best. The Healthy Haircare Sunscreen from Dover Saddlery is a great choice! The Goode Rider Happy Polo is another great option to go from the stables out to lunch with your girlfriends. Silky yet technical, this fun polo is as functional as it is flattering. The embroidery details are fun and add a touch of equestrian style throughout. Each colorway has a different embroidery with a catchy saying in back. Feminine mother of pearl buttons on placket are a knockout.

Happy Spring/Summer everyone! XX, Good Rider Gals.




Highlights from Miami Beach Global Champions Tour

The waters are crystal clear. It’s 80 degrees with a slight breeze coming off of the sea. The sun is shining and there’s just a few clouds in the sky. Collins Park on Miami Beach is booming with the sights and sounds of the Longines Global Champions Tour. Spectators line the rail on the beach wearing bikinis, coverups, and fedoras with a camera or cell phone camera in hand. The horse gallops by and 3, 2, 1… JUMPS over the middle vertical in the triple combination on the rail just 30 feet from the ocean…

Wow. Talk about the ultimate equestrian experience! The Longines Global Champions Tour Miami Beach features  world’s best horses and riders during the first week of April. The riders, horses, and spectators get to enjoy this relaxing beach setting after finishing a long winded Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida.

For the fourth year, this event is separated into two categories- CSI5* and CSI2* classes. The CSI5* is the top level, where the top ranked riders in the world compete for the highest prize money, over the biggest jumps – up to 1.60M. The CSI 2* is smaller in fence hight, and offers opportunities for many local athletes as well as international rising equestrian stars. 

One of our favorite jumps in the arena was the simple skinny “Miami Beach” vertical facing the ocean.

Celebrity rider Jennifer Gates clears the ‘seahorse fence’ at the Longines Global Champions Tour in a classic white and navy ensemble matching her horse’s attire. 

The crowd intensely stared as the horses jumped just inches away from their faces over the rail. 

Olivier Philippaerts was spotted wearing the family H&M equestrian styled ensemble. Talk about one handsome team…

You couldn’t help but stare at these beautiful horses and riders in the arena at the Longines Global Champions Tour. It’s an incredible event, and if you ever get the chance to experience the thrills of this tour, be sure to check the schedule and mark your calendars for the next one!

Until then, we will keep dreaming from the sidelines.

As the summer nears, we recommend wearing sun stopper shirts that are cool and comfortable for riding, beach outings, or hiking trails. Check out the Goode Rider ‘featured style’ for Miami Beach below.


Goode Rider Goode Sportshirt: Super lightweight, silky, technical fabric in a fun sporty long sleeve sun stopper shirt. This shirt will take you on any activity from running to bike riding or horseback. Streamlined silhouette with contrast details throughout.

Goode Rider Bodysculpting Tights Knee Patch: Our latest riding tights are made from an exciting new technology Nilit Innergy Fiber made with Nylon/Spandex and Silicon F/S provides anti-cellulite, energizing, and body-sculptingproperties These riding breeches take you from a yoga session on the beach, to a riding lesson at the barn, and no need to go home and change. Comfortable, flexible, and super flattering!


Palm Beach Masters: Equestrian Elegance

During Florida’s winter season in Wellington, Florida, it’s really a horseman’s dream come true with equestrian showjumping from January through March at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. However, not only is the Winter Equestrian Festival in full swing, but other boutique horse shows have started to pop up over the years. The Palm Beach Masters series is one of the few world-class horse shows that features some of the finest hospitality, shopping, and International competitors, while keeping the essence of equestrian lifestyle in an intimate setting.

Photo by Ashley Cline of

Positioned on the beautiful award-winning landscaped property of Deeridge Farms includes two world class arenas, beautifully designed jumps with exceptional detail, and a luxurious double-decker VIP tent for outstanding hospitality. The 300-acre facility is home to the Jacobs family, Wellington equestrian residents of over 30 years.

Tori Colvin in the Hunter Derby at Deeridge Farms. Photo by Ashley Cline of

Celebrity riders often enjoy this horse show due to the quiet peaceful atmosphere. Pictured below is Mary Kate Olsen with a clear round in a jumper division at the Palm Beach Masters.

Mary Kate Olsen riding in the jumper ring at Deeridge Farms Photo by Ashley Cline of

Jeremy Jacobs, owner of Deeridge Farms, also owns the Boston Bruins ice hockey team. So, of course they would have a Boston Bruins jump in the ring…

Photo by Ashley Cline of

We couldn’t stop giggling when the mascot, “Blades the Bruin” was photobombing the double combination in the jumper arena.

Lissa Bachner and “Meridian” Photo by Ashley Cline of

The second week of the Palm Beach Masters Series, ‘The Deeridge Derby’, is hunter-focused with beautiful hunter derbies on the grass field overlooking the peaceful lake on the property.

The VIP tent is designed with attention to detail focusing on the most elegant equestrian inspired art, decor, food, and drinks. Looking to be spoiled for the day? This is definitely the horse show to be pampered…

On site gourmet chefs cook at different stations set up throughout the VIP tent at the Palm Beach Masters. Everything from fresh seafood, gourmet prime rib and meat, pasta stations, and desert tables, the tastes are on point.

The boutiques on “vendor row” are situated on the outskirts of both arenas at the Palm Beach Masters, which makes for a unique experience of equestrian inspired shopping.

The signature event of the series, the Palm Beach Masters, is one of one of only seven North American, east coast qualifiers for the Longines FEI World CupTM. Irish equestrian athlete, Daniele Coyle, won this year’s Palm Beach Masters aboard Cita.

“It took me a long time to figure out the way [Cita] likes to go best and the way that she jumps these bigger fences easiest. When she’s on my side, she’ll do her best to jump everything she can, I think that’s what I love most about her,” Coyle said.

The final weekend, The Palm Beach Open, was graced with more glorious Florida sunshine for both horses and riders. Chloe Field and Tess De Jalesnes won the $15,000 Turkish Airlines 1.40m Jumper Time First Jump-Off class on the final day of the Palm Beach Open. “It is hard not to have a great trip on this mare, and it is hard not to have a great time at this venue, especially after 11 weeks in Florida. When this show came up a few weeks ago it was an immediate choice for us to be here. We love it. It is a real treat for the horses to be here.”

Watch Chloe Field win the Final 1.40 M at the Palm Beach Open below:

Field and Tess Du Jalness, a chestnut mare by Baloubet Du Rouet and owned by Hidden Brook Farm, were last to go in the jump-off, where riders were given the option of staying in the ring to immediately jump-off or waiting until the end of the first round. Field decided to wait, which proved sweet success, with a clear round in the winning time of 39.173 seconds.

Not only is winning or getting a ribbon important to riders at this level, but style and ‘looking your best’ also matter. Rider style trends at the Palm Beach Masters included anywhere between navy and black riding coats with tan colored riding breeches. This horse show excuses traditional elegance, so the trends were keeping in line with tradition this year.

Photo by Ashley Cline of

Want to get the get “the Palm Beach Masters look”? We’ve got you covered with Goode Rider competition style below…

The featured style above includes: 

1.) Goode Rider Ideal Show Coat : This Versatile Show Coat takes you from Dressage to Jumping to Eventing. In a New Modern, Sleek, Flattering Silhouette the Coat Features Streamlined Zippers w/ Silver Horsebit Pulls.

2.) Goode Rider Couture Show Shirt: This stunning new show shirt has it all. Beautiful built in ruffle stocktie with pretty crystal buttons and contrast pearl stitched hems. Comfortable moisture wicking knit fabric with poly/spandex mesh under sleeve and back neck for extra breathability and coolness.

3. Goode Rider Legacy Breech Knee Patch: One of our most flattering of riding breeches made from Nylon/Spandex 4-Way Stretch Twill Microfiber in a slightly lower rise fit.




Luxury Under The Lights: Winter Equestrian Festival

Just as the sun starts setting, the riders and spectators head to the International arena at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center for the ‘main event’ of the weekend, “Saturday Night Lights”. The same location, the same riders and many of the same horses enter the ring to show off their style over a different course in the Grand Prix in front of thousands of fans in the stands.

The temperatures drop, the live music kicks in, and the carousel turns in the children’s area. It’s amazing to see how much this venue has developed over the years. Ten years ago, the vibe was a much different atmosphere – West Palm Beach locals had no idea Olympic level showjumping events took place here. Now, people fly in all over the world to witness the prestige of the Grand Prix.

Celebrity riders like Georgina Bloomberg (Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter), Jessica Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen’s daughter), Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, and even youngsters like Eve Jobs (Steve Jobs’ daughter) compete in the International Ring at the Winter Equestrian Festival each week in Wellington, Florida.


“WEF” has grown over the years and has become the equestrian sunshine oasis for northerners from January through March. Wellington, Florida is a small community of about 60,000 people, and just about 30 minutes to Palm Beach. Bill Gates owns several multi million dollar equestrian properties in the area, as his daughter Jennifer Gates is also a seasoned Winter Equestrian Festival competitor.

Georgina was all smiles after her 3rd place in the WEF Challenge Cup which qualified her for the Horseware Grand Prix on March 17, 2018.

“More than 5,000 horses with a net value of well over half a billion dollars compete within the circuit” – Business Insider quoted.

At just 21 years of age, Spencer Smith won this past weekend’s Horseware Ireland Grand Prix. Luckily he was able to enjoy the champagne celebration at the end… 😉

So, if you get a chance to experience the Winter Equestrian Festival, definitely spend a little extra money on the VIP experience. The food, atmosphere, service and sights are an exceptional experience. Goode Rider equestrian athletes (whether you’re showing or not) should all experience a night under the lights at the Winter Equestrian Festival.

Inside the VIP International Club at WEF 2018

Wondering what to wear to Saturday Night at the Grand Prix? We suggest wearing casual-chic apparel. The Goode Rider Posh Polo Sweater or the  Forever Shirt are great tops to wear with white or dark denim pants. A pair of short or tall boots would go well with either look. Dress it up with equestrian jewelry or your favorite designer handbag, and you’ll fit in perfectly at the VIP.

To see what else is new from Goode Rider, click here!







Plan Your Equestrian Goode Rider Getaway

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway in North America, considering the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, or galloping through rich grasses in Northern Europe, we’ve outlined a few exciting equestrian getaways for the avid equestrian. The ultimate way to become a ‘Goode Rider’ is not only to enjoy riding in the horse show ring, but enjoy riding in nature and in all parts of the world.

North America

Photo by: The Ranch at Rock Creek

For an all inclusive prestigious western retreat, the Luxury Dude Ranch is located in one of Montana’s pristine valleys offering year round vacations on an authentic 19th century homestead. The Luxury Dude Ranch offers 29 one-of-a-kind accommodations ranging from one-bedroom suites to five-bedroom homes. A twice daily guided trail ride is included in your stay with over 75 horses on site. Guests can also enjoy skiing, ice skating, mountain biking, shooting sports, and more while on site.

Salamander Resort
Photo by:

For a Southern equestrian retreat, check out the Salamander Resort & Spa just 40 miles from Washington DC. The 340 acre resort is located in the heart of Middleburg, VA situated amongst prime equestrian lifestyle and activities like the Upperville Colt and Classic Horse Show, National Sporting Museum and Library, and Great Meadows Polo Club.

The Caribbean

From crystal clear beaches and wellness retreats, to experienced equestrian programs, the Caribbean offers a unique blend of equestrian activities, water sports, and general relaxation.

Photo: Island Routes Caribbean Adventures

All equestrians dream of that incredible moment of riding a pony (or horse) through crystal clear seawater. However not all horses enjoy the ocean waves, and most prefer to stay on the sand rather than the ocean. It takes some research to find a program where the horses enjoy swimming and riding through the water. Provo Ponies is legit! If you’re more experienced, you’ll be given the opportunity to canter on the beach if it’s low tide, so check the tides before you book your time! We love that it clearly states on the site that “This is NOT a nose to tail ride where riders are required to follow one another.” Hurray! Enjoy the freedom to ride on the shores and in the ocean at your own pace!

Love the Dominican? Noted as the ‘most exclusive resort in the Carribbean’, Casa De Campo, offers a variety of equestrian activities, water sports, golf, and historic sites for all ages. Private guides are available for individual or group trail rides on the cattle ranch. The equestrian and polo activities are directed by Fernando Arata, originally from Argentina, a professional polo player with ample experience in the field.

Heading to Costa Rica for surf, rainforest adventures, zip lining? Don’t forget to check out horseback riding on the beach! The riding adventure program by Diego Solis is customized for the group and level of experience. The horseback riding beach is between the resort towns Jaco and Manuel Antonio. Visit for more information.


See the ‘City of Horses’ by horseback in France through ‘Riding Holidays and tour the Maisons-Laffitte. Choose from multi-day trail itineraries, full day rides, and more with equestrian activities for all levels. Located just 30 minutes from Paris, you can experience the fashion, history, and architecture of the city of Love after your horseback riding session.

Ride through rivers and river valleys, through orange and lemon tree plantations, through forest, over hills and mountains into the rugged countryside of Andalusia… Horse Riding in Spain offers unique equestrian programs from trail riding to classical Dressage taught by an International Grand Prix rider, ‘Alta Escuela’, pilates, and more. Between March and October enjoy a presentation of Spanish Equestrian Art and Andalucian Horsemanship “Cartujano del Arte Ecuestre” on Thursday evenings.

Packing Tips 

Bring your riding pants – no matter what! SPF sun shirts are essential, especially if you’re traveling to the islands or riding in the ocean for the day. Remember to bring your riding boots in case you have a lesson, or closed toed shoes for trail riding. If you’re going across time zones, remind your self to plan an extra day or two to get adjusted to the time change. Jet lag can really cut your vacation short if you don’t plan for it!