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Horse Show Style

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Horse Show Style

Face it: horse show style is not very diverse. Depending on the discipline, it ranges from mildly boring to downright stifling (dressage riders, we’re looking at you). But that doesn’t mean you can’t express your personal style. There are plenty of opportunities for subtle twists in the details. Spice up your stale horse  show attire with one of these fashionable flourishes. You’ll be leaps and bounds above the rest of the pack.


In the hunter ring, you have a number of options as far as color goes. Make the most of it! Go for a jewel-tone or pastel-colored shirt, like this burgundy shirt with a charcoal coat or an aqua shirt with chocolate brown. If you’re feeling bold, an interesting coat color will beautifully draw attention to any horse. For example, hunter green looks stunning on bright chestnuts or bays.


A subtle print can go a long way in the show ring. If your discipline allows it, try a nice checker or stripe under a solid colored coat. The Ideal Show Tank in black swirl is fun way to liven up a black-on-black pairing.


Stock ties, earrings and barrettes are classic options for adding a little bling. Think outside the box and add a little sparkle to your clothing itself. The Noble Show Shirt has beautiful crystal buttons—a perfect adornment for glitter-loving gals!


Even in disciplines that don’t allow for varied colors and prints, you can get away with a ruffle here and there. The Regal Show Shirt has cute ruffles on the bib that peek out from under your show coat.


Beautiful piping or trim on your coat is a classy way to squeeze some extra style into your ensemble. For example, the Iconic Competition Coat features beautiful buttons and ribbon trim. It also has pretty pleats and contrast pick-stitch embroidery to really make the details pop.

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