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Equestrian Fashionista Gigi Hadid Riding

5 Famous Equestrian Fashionistas: Model Edition

If you’re like us, you love getting the latest scoop in your favorite celebs. And it’s even better when you learn that the hidden aspects of their lives are things that you can relate to, like these five equestrian fashionistas. Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t tell that these famous models are bona fide horse lovers—models are supposed to look good doing everything, right?


Gigi Hadid

If you’ve ever seen pictures of top supermodel Gigi Hadid posing gracefully astride a horse, it may be no surprise that she was raised on a horse farm. She got her first pony, a rescue from a neighbor, at age two. “The farmer was kind of old and couldn’t take care of him,” she told Allure. “So my mom asked if we could, and that’s the pony I started riding.” By the look of her Instagram, that was the start of a lifelong obsession.


Equestrian Fashionista Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Okay, it may seem like a cop-out to list Bella separately from Gigi. But she has the riding cred to back it up. The model was reportedly aiming for the Olympics before she was sidelined by Lyme’s disease. Although her focus is on modeling these days, her heart still lies with her horses. When asked about her first break-up, with R&B singer The Weeknd, she told Teen Vogue about her real first break-up: having to sell her horse Lego.  “I was really traumatized,” she said. “You can ask any equestrian: You develop a crazy, emotional connection with this animal. When you’re riding a horse, they have full control over you. They can literally kill you in a second, so you build a trust with them.”


Mary-Kate Olsen Riding

Mary-Kate Olsen

The Hadid sisters aren’t the only famous fashionistas on this list—Mary-Kate Olsen is also an equestrienne. After starring on Full House with her sister Ashley, the twins went on to become moguls in the worlds of media and fashion. Although Mary-Kate isn’t a model, she and Ashley are the minds behind luxury fashion brand Elizabeth & James (among other fashionable enterprises). Mary-Kate began riding during high school as a way of escaping the pressures of fame. She quit when she moved to New York City, but ultimately started riding again. “I came back to the sport because I missed it every day that I wasn’t riding,” she said in a profile for HIITS Shows’ website. “It was the hardest thing to leave and the hardest thing to come back to.”

Kate Upton Riding

Kate Upton

Before baring skin in Sports Illustrated and GQ, the curvaceous model was a dedicated equestrienne. “I have my own horse and two ponies,” she told GQ. “I grew up around horses, and that really is my passion.” Although she showed in the American Paint Horse Association at a national level when she was younger, she doesn’t have much time for it these days. However, Kate is still known to compete on occasion when she has time off from her modeling duties.


Edie Campbell Riding

Edie Campbell

A true renaissance woman, It-Girl Edie Campbell is a both a fashionista and a scholar with a degree in art history. Furthermore, she’s also an eventer! The chic Brit has a wicked sense of humor about her horse: “Basically, Dolly is a bastard child because her dad is a very fancy, show-jumping stallion, but got into the field with some little pet pony and spawned an illegitimate heir. She’s on a permanent diet because she puts on weight easily, and it’s not very good for her to get too fat. This makes her really angry so she’s pretty livid all the time, but she can be adorable.” Poor little Dolly!

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