Saratoga Equestrian Style

Have you ever visited the historic ‘equestrian style’ town, Saratoga in New York? If you haven’t, we highly recommend a trip, or even adding the Saratoga Horse Shows to your horse show bucket list.

About Saratoga

The Battles of Saratoga (September 19 and October 7, 1777) marked the peak of the Saratoga campaign; the attempt by the British to gain military control of the Hudson River valley during the American Revolutionary War. Today, we know it as the ‘southernmost foothills of the Adirondack Region in Upstate New York’. The slogan for Saratoga Springs is, “Health, History, and Horses,” the three things it is best known for.

Full of rich history, mineral springs, historic inns and parks, Skidmore College, eclectic boutiques and shopping on Broadway street, and the traditional Saratoga Race Track, Saratoga is quite the place to visit during the Summer.

Photo source: Equestrian Stylist

Saratoga is one of the few places left rich in minerals. The springs are a result of a geological fault that allows water trapped  in shale layers to surface. Historically, settlers here would bathe and drink the Saratoga waters to heal and cure themselves of ailments. Even George Washington was an advocate of Saratoga’s restorative powers. Even today, some doctors recommend ‘taking the waters’ to cure kidney and liver complaints, rheumatism, diabetes, heartburn, cancer, malaria, hangovers, and more.

Photo Source: Equestrian Stylist

The ‘old dirt track on Union Ave’ is one of the oldest race tracks in American history. By many accounts, it is also known as the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the country. One of it’s most famous races, ‘The Travers’, nicknamed Midsummer Derby, brings together the greatest three-year-old horses to the race course to compete for the $1.25 million purse. Saratoga is also known for it’s high profile Thoroughbred Sales industry, which sales running through Fasig Tipton during August and October.

Photo Source: CBS Philly

Fiberglass horse statues are painted throughout the town to recognize Saratoga’s art scene. Shopping on broadway is one of our favorite activities. The buildings are rich in history, and you can find unique pieces in the boutiques you won’t find anywhere else. One of our favorite stores is Saratoga Saddlery! Be sure to stop in and tell them hey from the Goode Rider Gals 😉

Photo: Saratogian

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7 Tips To Prepare for Pony Finals

In 1976, the American Horse Shows Association launched Pony Finals as a national event, open to all members who met the qualifying criteria. As a longstanding tradition,  the USEF Pony Finals is the most prestigious and celebrated event of its kind in the United States. The event takes places in Lexington, Kentucky and features the Regular Hunter Pony and Green Hunter Pony finals, a three phase competition judging the pony’s conformation, way of moving and jumping ability.

The Marshall & Sterling/USEF Pony Medal Final tests young riders’ equitation, judging their ability to compete over a technical and challenging course of fences. As junior riders dream of competing in the Grand Prix ring one day, the USEF Pony Jumper Championship was designed to build the foundation for this. 

Photo by Barre Dukes / Phelps Sports

Mentally and physically Pony Finals can be an exhausting event, especially for parents. It is critical to be sure you and your team are mentally and physically prepared for this exciting event. This year, Pony Finals is August 8- August 12, 2018 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

  1. Pack extra competition apparel: go through your trainer’s checklist from the barn and make sure you have everything you need for this top event. Be sure to pack extra shirts and pants (just in case!) Riders will need everything from their breeches and riding shirts, to stock ties, gloves, and shad bellies.
  2. Polish those boots! Make sure the tops of the toes and calves are extra shiny. This is an event you’ll definitely want to stand out in the crowd.
  3. Get enough rest: make sure you and your child are in bed early the night before the big event. Even if the class goes late in the day, it’s best to get to the show and watch the course in the divisions prior to plan the best ride.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Pony Finals is during the month of August, where temperatures can be pretty hot. Overly hydrate on the trip up and during the event to keep your body in top condition.
  5. Eat a nutritious meal: eating a well-balanced meal the night before Pony Finals will help energize you and young riders for this exciting event. Try to eat plenty of greens and protein while avoiding sweets the night before.
  6. Take deep breathes: Pony Finals can be one of the most nerve wracking events due to the level of competition, pressure kids are under, and the environment. Taking deep breathes and meditating before entering the ring can be a calming exercise to help both horse and rider with nerves.
  7. Have Fun: Remember to motivate your young rider and explain that this event is mostly about ‘having fun’. Don’t be discouraged if your pony acts up, or if your rider ‘chips a jump’, it’s about the experience and meeting up with the top ponies in the country.