Plan Your Equestrian Goode Rider Getaway

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway in North America, considering the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, or galloping through rich grasses in Northern Europe, we’ve outlined a few exciting equestrian getaways for the avid equestrian. The ultimate way to become a ‘Goode Rider’ is not only to enjoy riding in the horse show ring, but enjoy riding in nature and in all parts of the world.

North America

Photo by: The Ranch at Rock Creek

For an all inclusive prestigious western retreat, the Luxury Dude Ranch is located in one of Montana’s pristine valleys offering year round vacations on an authentic 19th century homestead. The Luxury Dude Ranch offers 29 one-of-a-kind accommodations ranging from one-bedroom suites to five-bedroom homes. A twice daily guided trail ride is included in your stay with over 75 horses on site. Guests can also enjoy skiing, ice skating, mountain biking, shooting sports, and more while on site.

Salamander Resort
Photo by:

For a Southern equestrian retreat, check out the Salamander Resort & Spa just 40 miles from Washington DC. The 340 acre resort is located in the heart of Middleburg, VA situated amongst prime equestrian lifestyle and activities like the Upperville Colt and Classic Horse Show, National Sporting Museum and Library, and Great Meadows Polo Club.

The Caribbean

From crystal clear beaches and wellness retreats, to experienced equestrian programs, the Caribbean offers a unique blend of equestrian activities, water sports, and general relaxation.

Photo: Island Routes Caribbean Adventures

All equestrians dream of that incredible moment of riding a pony (or horse) through crystal clear seawater. However not all horses enjoy the ocean waves, and most prefer to stay on the sand rather than the ocean. It takes some research to find a program where the horses enjoy swimming and riding through the water. Provo Ponies is legit! If you’re more experienced, you’ll be given the opportunity to canter on the beach if it’s low tide, so check the tides before you book your time! We love that it clearly states on the site that “This is NOT a nose to tail ride where riders are required to follow one another.” Hurray! Enjoy the freedom to ride on the shores and in the ocean at your own pace!

Love the Dominican? Noted as the ‘most exclusive resort in the Carribbean’, Casa De Campo, offers a variety of equestrian activities, water sports, golf, and historic sites for all ages. Private guides are available for individual or group trail rides on the cattle ranch. The equestrian and polo activities are directed by Fernando Arata, originally from Argentina, a professional polo player with ample experience in the field.

Heading to Costa Rica for surf, rainforest adventures, zip lining? Don’t forget to check out horseback riding on the beach! The riding adventure program by Diego Solis is customized for the group and level of experience. The horseback riding beach is between the resort towns Jaco and Manuel Antonio. Visit for more information.


See the ‘City of Horses’ by horseback in France through ‘Riding Holidays and tour the Maisons-Laffitte. Choose from multi-day trail itineraries, full day rides, and more with equestrian activities for all levels. Located just 30 minutes from Paris, you can experience the fashion, history, and architecture of the city of Love after your horseback riding session.

Ride through rivers and river valleys, through orange and lemon tree plantations, through forest, over hills and mountains into the rugged countryside of Andalusia… Horse Riding in Spain offers unique equestrian programs from trail riding to classical Dressage taught by an International Grand Prix rider, ‘Alta Escuela’, pilates, and more. Between March and October enjoy a presentation of Spanish Equestrian Art and Andalucian Horsemanship “Cartujano del Arte Ecuestre” on Thursday evenings.

Packing Tips 

Bring your riding pants – no matter what! SPF sun shirts are essential, especially if you’re traveling to the islands or riding in the ocean for the day. Remember to bring your riding boots in case you have a lesson, or closed toed shoes for trail riding. If you’re going across time zones, remind your self to plan an extra day or two to get adjusted to the time change. Jet lag can really cut your vacation short if you don’t plan for it!

Equestrian Hot Spots in Wellington, FL

From Elegant Decor to Exceptional Dining, Equestrians Gather at Wellington Hot Spots

Whether you’re a resident full-time, or just visit for the Winter, Wellington, Florida is known as the winter equestrian capital of the world. Home of the Winter Equestrian Festival from January through March, the town is hustlin’ and bustlin’ with equestrians, horses, trainers, grooms, friends and family connected to the business. From shopping, food, and things to do, the village of Wellington is a South Florida gem located just minutes from downtown Palm Beach. Here’s an inside look at some of our favorite hot spots:

Suri West – Formerly known as “the Players Club,” this is new ‘tapas style’ lounge-like venue is known for an ‘after the horse show’ rendezvous. Some nights feature live music and happy hour specials, but definitely be sure to check out the scene on Sundays.

The Grille – Another Sunday “after the horse show” hot spot, The Grille is located on South Shore boulevard just minutes from the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. This restaurant pays attention to detail with elegantly designed dishes. Our insider tips:  order the tower of seafood for the party, don’t skimp on the truffle fries, and do fill up on a steak dinner or local fish dish.

Oli’s Fashion Cuisine – If you love fashion, you might as well love fashion cuisine … Right?! Oli’s is known for using the finest local ingredients and flavors. Oli’s fashionable cuisine appeals to all the senses in a modern, sophisticated, equestrian styled atmosphere. Inside you will dine amongst beautiful artwork of horses and equestrian lifestyle, all available for sale. We suggest sharing many dishes to get a taste of everything. Some of our favorite dishes include: The Necane Salad, Lobster Tacos, Cheese Ravioli, Bouillabaisse, and Filet.

The Patio at Polo Club – Located inside the well known Polo Club, The Patio is open November through April. Started by an avid equestrian, Sheila Motley combined her event management talents with Chef Mat Allen’s excellent catering techniques. As the menu changes regularly, The Patio at Polo offers a variety of seasonal ingredients sourced locally. If you’re celebrating a special event, don’t forget to ask for the ultimate ‘sparkler desert’!

The Wellington Green Mall – Everyone deserves some retail therapy after a long week of riding, so be sure visit the Wellington Green Mall off of Forest Hill Blvd. With Nordstrom as one of the anchor department stores, it’s highly enticing to spend a few hours browsing the ladies or shoe department. Unlike some other South Florida malls, the Wellington Green Mall is pleasantly quiet and not overly crowded, especially if you go on a Monday on your ‘off day’ from riding.

7 Ways To Show Some Love to You and Your Horse

Show Some Love You To and Your Horse

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the season of love has arrived. While your significant other may be at the top of your list, you and your horse should be right up at the top as well. With busy schedules getting in the way of taking time to de-stress as equestrians, this can take a toll on our bodies and personal health of ourselves and our horse. Love your horse and yourself with these 7 tips for the new year. Make it a priority to start thinking about lowering stress levels, enjoying your horse time, and building a better “you”.

1) Make it out to the barn more

Everyone can use a little more barn time during the week. This may mean “shutting off” your devices after 5PM, or taking a lunch break out to see your best friend. Build time after working hours to spend time with your horse, even if that doesn’t involve riding. There’s something special about the bond of the horse and rider even on the ground. By grooming, bathing, or even hand-walking, your horse will apreciate your time as much as you will. Not only will this build a better bond between you and your horse, but it will also appease your mind and body by “checking out” of work and putting technology aside.

2) Focus on Flatting

I know jumping is your favorite activity. Everyone loves the thrills of jumping bigger jumps when they get a chance, but this year focus on heavy flat work. By doing this, your horse will lengthen and strengthen and build a better physical foundation for jumping and showing. Build in some figure eights, poles, and bending work in your weekly routine and leave the big jumps for lesson days. Another good exercise is trotting on long straight lines on firm ground. This will help strengthen your horse’s stifles, and if you can take him or her off property to do this rather than doing this in an arena. By trotting long straight lines, it will also help improve balance and straightness in the show ring.


3) Ride without stirrups – at least once a month

And – don’t whine about it! Think of riding without stirrups as a muscle building activity for yourself. Instead of going to a gym class, focus on strengthening your core and leg muscles aboard your horse. By riding without stirrups, you are building a bigger bond between you and your horse and riding as “one”. If you’re more inclined to ride bareback, even better! You may even save some time on tacking up!

4) Give more rewards!

Whether this means more praises in the ring while you’re schooling, peppermints treats after you ride, or a simple apple as a reward for him/her greeting you at the gate from the pasture, rewarding your horse is important no matter what age. If you enjoy baking, try out some recipes for homemade treats made with oats and molasses that both you and your horse can enjoy together on the farm.


5) Update your wardrobe

Get rid of the old worn-out breeches and tops. If they’re still in good condition, try selling them to consignment shops or Poshmark to make a few extra bucks to put towards some new outfits. Browse Goode Rider’s “What’s New” to check out some new riding attire from shirts, jackets, and breeches to update your new look. 

6) Get more massages

In effort to maintain a healthy mind and body in 2018, massages are one of the best stress relieving activities to help your muscles heal after a thorough workout. Massage therapy is not only good for the rider, but also the horse. If you’ve recently shown a few weekends in a row, treat yourself and your horse to a nice massage with essential oils to relieve tight muscles and ease tension. It’s proven to help, and it’s another way to reward your horse for the hard work he or she has put in this season.

7) Maintain a healthy diet

Finally, watch out for inflammatory foods, and cut down on the sugar in you and your horse’s diet. Eat more vegetables, and try to stay away from inorganic foods. Pesticides and processed foods have higher rates of cancer causing agents, so try and avoid them when you can! If your horse is getting older, be sure to test for metabolism disorders like Cushing’s or Thyroid disease, in which many cases diet must be adjusted.

Equestrian Inspired Gifts this Holiday Season!

By: Equestrian Stylist

Searching for the perfect equestrian inspired gift for someone who absolutely adores her horse can be challenging. But, we’ve got you covered with a few significant equestrian staple items that will always make her smile. Christmas carols are ringing, the snow is falling, the kids are out of school, the horses’ coats are getting furry, and the winter chores keep adding up! But, most importantly, the time is ticking to get the holiday shopping finished.  So let’s get started! Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, o’er the hills we go, laughing all the way …

Riding Apparel

Whether she’s a hunter/jumper rider, dressage, or western horseback rider, Goode Rider breeches and tights provide a comfortable fit with a modern fashionable style. The breeches are super flattering and are so stylish they can be worn out to dinner with a dressy top. Everyone is riding in long sleeves now, whether it’s a cold winter or not, protecting your skin from the sun while riding is essential. The long sleeve ideal show shirt and long sleeve super seamless shirt have moisture-wicking technology and will block the sun! Henleys also make great gifts for the comfort-chic gal with an equestrian style flair.

Featured Above:

Goode Henley: Here

Long Sleeve Ideal Show Shirt: Here

Long Sleeve Super Seamless Shirt: Here

Functional Outerwear

Burr… It’s getting cold out there! Keep warm and dry this season with Goode Rider’s functional outwear. Let’s face it, many of us are traveling lots this holiday season, so finding gifts that are “packable”, and easy to layer are key! Layering up with a vest and the splash jacket will keep you warm and protect you from the snow/rain. The ‘Chill Out’ jacket comes in this beautiful holiday red color and is perfect for traveling, since it packs up into a very small space!

Featured above:
In Style Vest:

Splash Jacket: Here

Chill Out Jacket: Here

Equestrian Art

Equestrian inspiration is in style for fashion, but also in style for the home decor! Everything from rustic barnwood frames and shelves, to custom oil horse portraits, art is something that can last a lifetime. The wood-look impressionistic equestrian art pieces are very in style for the home, even in mainstream decor, so finding a good sized piece can be found at large online retailers like Wayfair!

Wrap it up!

Wrap your gifts in equestrian style wrapping paper for a personal touch! First wrap in a tweed or tattersall printed wrapping paper, then add unique horsebit accents like a horse bit, used tack, or a horse show ribbon. Using a halter, leather spur straps or stirrups to add a festive flair as a ribbon instead are also make great equestrian style holiday wrapping ideas.




5 Equestrian Fashion Trends That Have Crossed Over to the Mainstream

Equestrian-inspired fashion

There is perhaps no sport that has embedded itself in fashion more than riding wear. From Kate Middleton to Blake Lively, equestrian fashion has inspired many fashionista. It’s not uncommon to see celebrities sporting equestrian-inspired ensembles, whether they’re taking a cue from British history or merely appreciating the comfort of stretchy riding pants. In any case, certain accessories have become widely adopted by fashionistas (riders or not). These five equestrian staples have crossed from the show ring over to the runway, becoming mainstays in the world of the fashion forward.


Taylor Swift wearing riding pants

Everyone from Taylor Swift to Giuliana Rancic has been spotted sporting riding-style pants. And why not? They’re comfy, they’re sleek, and they’re on trend. So take a cue from Taylor and transition your breeches into your non-equestrian life, too.

Riding Coat

This one should not be much of a surprise. Like a classic blazer, a good riding coat instantly brings a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Buttoned or unbuttoned, it can add structure to an otherwise loose ensemble. It’s easy to see why the riding coat is worn by everyone.

Riding Boots

Perhaps the most widely-loved carryover from the equestrian world, riding boots have been a fall and winter staple for many years — and for good reason. These tall leather or faux leather boots are super warm when the weather turns south, and they’re great for a little bit of puddle splashing. Plus, they look chic with a pair of jeans and a sweater. We can’t wait for autumn to come so we can bust out ours!



While we’re on the topic of riding boots, it must be noted that spurs have taken a special place in the hearts of non-riders. Yes, even the most utilitarian of equestrian accessories has been adopted by fashionistas. Many boots feature spur-inspired heel adornments, a throwback to classic equestrian style. Everybody loves a little extra bling!

Stock Tie

Unexpected yet refreshing, a billowy stock tie can lend a vintage feel to an otherwise simple ensemble. Paired with a flowy white blouse or a cute high-neck dress, this look is super cute for a variety of occasions.

Goode Rider Athlete: Lauren Billys

Goode Rider Athlete Lauren Billys
At this point, it seems almost silly that Goode Rider athlete Lauren Billys would be doing anything other than riding. However, her path wasn’t always so obvious. Although Lauren grew up riding horses, she was not certain that she wanted to pursue an equestrian career. She attended Fresno State University in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where she earned a double degree in Enology and Chemistry in 2013. Lauren was even named the distinguished student in the Department of Enology and Viticulture. But her love of riding persisted, as well. Having competed in three-day eventing in her youth — her first horse, Texas Ranger, taught her the ropes of lower-level competition —  she founded her own training business, Lauren Billys Eventing, while still in college.

Big Dreams

Near the end of her college career, the opportunity arose for Lauren to compete in the Olympic Games. Since her grandmother is Puerto Rican, she is eligible to ride on behalf of the island territory. She decided to put her wine career on hold, at least for the time being. “I told myself I would give myself a fair shot to achieve my Olympic dream until 2016 and then decide if I would dive back into the wine industry,” she explains.
The path to Rio was a long one. In addition to all the training and preparation that goes into an Olympic run, Lauren had to do some serious fundraising. She raised money and formed a syndicate to purchase her mount, Castle Larchfield Purdy. Eventually, Lauren made it to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, becoming the first eventer in history to represent Puerto Rico at the Olympics. “It was the most fulfilling and magical riding I have done in my life,” she says. “This event gave me a new perspective on the meaning of ‘team.’ The owners, veterinarians, grooms, coaches and people behind the scenes make a moment like this unrepeatable and so powerful.”
The experience also had a profound impact on her career. “As I finished the Rio Olympics, I came through the finish flags and almost instinctually committed to competing at the top of the sport for the rest of my life.

Looking Ahead

Now based in Carmel Valley, California, Lauren has a whole host of accomplishments under her belt. In addition to the 2016 Olympic Games, she competed in the 2015 Pan American Games, as well the 2011 Games in Guadalajara, Mexico (on the mare Ballingowan Ginger). More recently, she was the 2017 Chef d’equip for the Area VI Gold Medal eventing team. Lauren has also racked up a long list of high USEA rankings and wins at upper-level events in the U.S.
She also has a promising stable of up-and-coming horses. One of her recent acquisitions is a swanky five-year old German Sport Horse, Can Be Sweet. Known around the barn as Charlie, he has “the gallop, movement and jump to be as elegant as any at the top of the sport.” Her other new new ride, Caletina, is a six-year-old Holsteiner mare. “She is an amazing jumper with a fighting spirit,” Lauren notes. Like Purdy, both horses are owned by syndicates (all of which still have a few shares up for grabs).
Her immediate plans for these two and her longtime partner Purdy are bold. “I would like to get both my new horses out this year.  Charlie needs to compete in the five-year-old YEH, and I would like to get Purdy qualified for next year’s World Equestrian Games.”

Hard Work

“I love the relationships I get to make with each horse, particularly the ones I get to show and compete to reach the top of the sport,” says Lauren. It takes a lot of hard work to make that happen. Every day at Lauren Billys Eventing begins at 7am as she feeds and clean stalls before starting a full day of riding and teaching, usually around eight horses a day, six days a week. “Each horse and rider has different goals,” she says. “It is my job to help build positive experiences to make each horse and rider journey as successful as possible.”
Her Goode Rider breeches are up to the task through all of it. “I love that the breeches are so stylish and unbelievably durable. I ride horses all day, every day and have yet to wear out a pair of GR breeches. Plus, their styles for each season are so fun and attractive. I always get questions about my outfits.”
Although she tries to give herself one day off a week to hike and cook (and cheer on her fiancé when he competes in Spartan Racing, which involves navigating a high-intensity obstacle course), she admits that you have to clock in the hours. “Learn to work hard even when you are tired,” the Goode Rider athlete advises aspiring professionals. “Don’t be a victim of your circumstances but a champion because of them.”

Material Spotlight: NILIT Innergy Fiber

If we told you that one material could be both body-sculpting and breathable — as well as anti-bacterial, odor-controlling, UV-protecting and moisture-wicking — you might not believe us. But hear us out.

A new technology called NILIT Innergy Fiber does just that. Made with a mixture of nylon, spandex and silicon, it converts the thermic energy of the human body into far infrared rays, or FIR, reflecting it back into the deep tissue. By gently warming the deeper layer of the skin, the material invigorates and energizes the tissue. So what’s the end result? Well, the answer is multifold.

Cosmetic Benefits

NILIT Innergy Fiber has incredible cosmetic effects. For one, energizing deep tissue helps reduce the appearance of cellulite from the inside out. It also warms the tissue, which makes it more malleable and thus receptive to shaping. Combined with the supportive nature of the fabric, which compresses fat and tightens the skin, the material has a body-sculpting effect for a sexy, streamlined shape.

Technical Benefits

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, NILIT Innergy Fiber has myriad benefits for athletes. It’s proven to help reduce fatigue during physical activities — perfect for riding. The breathable material has wicking properties for sweaty situations. And it even has built-in antibacterial properties to control odor, a great bonus for busy riders. Plus, the material protects skin from harmful UV rays — a must for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun.

Lifestyle Benefits

For all its technical prowess, NILIT Innergy Fiber doesn’t sacrifice comfort, either. The microfiber feels so soft to the touch that you’ll never want to take it off. This form-fitting fabric makes riding tights feels like your favorite pair of leggings. It’s super easy to care for, as well; despite all the technical benefits of this high-performance fabric, there’s no special requirements for cleaning.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try NILIT technology for yourself! Our customer-favorite Body-Sculpting Tights are a great choice to try out NILIT Innergy fiber. We think you’ll absolutely love this material.

Stable to Street: Ideal Show Tank

Whether you’re competing, schooling or just running errands, one thing’s for sure: Hot summer days require the appropriate shirt to survive without getting cranky. Our Ideal Show Tank is just the ticket, no matter where the day takes you.

Technically Superior

Our bestselling show shirt has been redesigned with new details and a new material that make it perfect for any occasion, equestrian or otherwise. Now made with a polyester/spandex mix, the tank is moisture wicking to keep you cool when the mercury rises. Furthermore, it has antibacterial properties to keep you fungus-free — even if it gets forgotten in a tack trunk after a long day at the barn.


Now that we’ve got you hooked on the technical aspects, let’s talk about how cute it is! Beautiful princess seaming flatters your figure, while contrast banding and stitching yields a streamlined silhouette. The mock neck front has a zip top featuring an adorable silver pull shaped like a bit. Additionally, logo embroidery on the chest gives it a fun feel. The white version even has a loop on the back of neck for a stock tie if you want to wear it in the ring. Just be sure the judge doesn’t excuse coats for your afternoon class!


Throw this tank on first thing in the morning and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. It’s comfy if have a long road trip ahead of you and it simplifies things if you’re already at the show grounds. It’s great for training at home or getting some exercise on your horse’s day off, too. Unzip the neck to cool down once you’re out of the ring, or if you get warm while hiking. Try it out — we think you’ll love it!

Stay tuned for the next installment of our “Stable to Street” series featuring our favorite products that transition effortlessly throughout your life.

5 Famously Fashionable Equestriennes: Celebrities Edition

Kaley Cuoco, Equestrian Fashionista

It’s time for round two of our Famously Fashionable Equestrians series! After all, there are few things that are more enjoyable than perusing photos of your favorite celebrities on horseback. Enjoy these tidbits about leading ladies who ride in their down time.

Kaley Cuoco

Having ridden since she was a teenager, the Big Bang Theory star is an avid competitor. “It’s become a very important part of my life, very serious,” Cuoco told Jimmy Kimmel. “It kind of levels me out with this whole Hollywood thing.” Her equine family includes a stable of bays, a miniature horse named Shmooshy, and her boyfriend, professional show jumper Karl Cook.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, Equestrian Fashionista

The actress and fashionista, who has a fashion line called “Stuff by Hilary Duff,” grew up around horses. “I’ve loved riding and being around horses ever since I was little,” she says. “My family owns a ranch outside of Austin with lots of land and a great house, and my parents used to put my older sister, Haylie, and me on the ponies when we were babies. We may have been just about able to sit up, but we knew we had to hold on tight.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Equestrian Fashionista

Having grown up on a 500-acre farm near Nashville, perhaps it’s no surprise that the Tennesse-born singer is an equestrian. (Her two younger sisters, Brandi and Noah, also ride, competitively.) In 2015, Miley shelled out almost $5 million for her own private equestrian estate in Hidden Hills. Now that’s living the dream!


Madonna, Equestrian Fashionista

Unlike some of the other celebrities on this list, the Material Girl reportedly took the reins in her 40s. She suffered a bad fall in 2005, cracking three ribs and breaking her collarbone and hand in the fall at her Wiltshire estate in the U.K. while celebrating her 47th birthday with family. However, she got back in the saddle (as soon as her managers would let her!). Nowadays, she’s even sharing her equestrian passion with her son, David.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, Equestrian Fashionista

Of course Martha Stewart rides. In addition to her herd of five Friesians, she has a Fell pony and three Sicilian donkeys — plus a couple French Bulldogs. They all live at Martha’s gorgeous Cantitoe Farm, in Bedford, New York, where she has access to riding trails. You can just imagine what her stable look like — but you don’t have to. See a tour of her barn by clicking here.

Goode Rider for Girls

Goode Rider Girls Riding Clothes

School is out for summer. For young riders, that just means there’s more time to spend at the barn! Check out our favorite pieces for budding equestrian fashionistas and outfit your girls with Goode Rider for the season. Whether she’s hitting the summer show circuit for the first time or just practicing her bareback skills (what’s summer for, after all?), she’ll be riding in style all summer long.


Goode Rider Girls Happy Polo

Happy Polo

Silky yet technical, this polo is as functional as it is flattering. It’s perfect for schooling or just hanging out at the barn on those lazy summer afternoons. We love the mother of pearl buttons on placket and a fun leaping horse design on the back that reads, “Kick up your heels.” Too cute!


Goode Rider Girls Active Jacket


Active Jacket

This pretty periwinkle athletic jacket is perfect for chilly mornings. Made out of lightweight, stretchy polarfleece and quilted nylon, it’s warm yet streamlined. The silver horse bit pulls on the hidden pockets and cuffs are very on trend right now, as well.


Goode Henley

This long-sleeve, feminine V-neck henley  has logo embroidery and contrast overstitch throughout for a playful look. The moisture-wicking fabric is made out of cotton, spandex and — you’d never know it — bamboo! It’s perfect for covering up during long days in the summer sun.


Goode Rider Girls Horsebit Jeans

Horsebit Jeans

A lower rise and crystal-studded horse bit embroidery on the back pockets give these classic jean breeches a kick in the rear! The custom-fit waistband and velcro closures at the ankles make these stretchy bottoms adaptable for growing kids. They’re super comfy in the saddle, to boot.


Girls Ideal Show Shirt

This mock-neck zip-front show shirt is our bestselling show shirt made in girls sizes. We adore the princess seaming and contrast banding and stitching, which creates a streamlined silhouette. The moisture-wicking, antibacterial fabric has mesh under the arms — an absolute must-have for show season.