Summer Equestrian Essentials

Whether your galloping across hay fields, or trail riding on the beach, the Summer is approaching and it’s time to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your favorite equine. As the warm weather approaches and the sun heats up, remember to keep your skin and your horse’s skin protected. We’ve got some helpful tips and summer essentials to keep you cool and comfortable this Summer!

Our new Goode Rider Seamless Cooltech Jacket is perfect for riding outdoors in bright sun. It’s sweat wicking properties will keep you cool and comfortable. The seamless design with slight ruching at waist for a super comfortable and flattering fit. This very flattering seamless lined design gives a beautiful silhouette in and out of the tack. No seams mean no chafing. Fabric is lightweight, perfect for spring, yet blocks the sun. Don’t forget: a  new pair of sunglasses are always a treat for the Summertime! We love the lightweight aviators by Ray Ban- classic, and chic! Our new Goode Rider Couture Breech is the best way to go from the stables to the city streets.  These breeches are super elegant and flattering in a mid rise fit. They are designed with a new composition of specially twisted yarns for incredible stretch and recovery. The silver horse bit hardware on the front pockets are a subtle equestrian style touch. Get some fun tech-socks for riding in your favorite summer prints, and don’t forget to stock up on a bucket of peppermints for the ponies!

Lexol Quick Wipes from Dover Saddlery are a great way to keep your tack clean and fresh after a good workout on your horse. Don’t let your tack get moldy, and clean it after every ride. Your horse and hands will thank you later! Our new Goode Rider Seamless Cooltech Tank is another great top for an extremely warm day in the summer. Go from yoga class to the barn in this super-flattering zip up top that also blocks the sun. The silky elastic hair ties (that you can pretty much get anywhere nowadays) are great to wear around your wrist until you are ready to pull your hair up. Always keep one on you during the Spring/Summer. Lather up with some broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen, and don’t forget to spray your horse with some sunscreen to keep his/her coat looking it’s best. The Healthy Haircare Sunscreen from Dover Saddlery is a great choice! The Goode Rider Happy Polo is another great option to go from the stables out to lunch with your girlfriends. Silky yet technical, this fun polo is as functional as it is flattering. The embroidery details are fun and add a touch of equestrian style throughout. Each colorway has a different embroidery with a catchy saying in back. Feminine mother of pearl buttons on placket are a knockout.

Happy Spring/Summer everyone! XX, Good Rider Gals.




Highlights from Miami Beach Global Champions Tour

The waters are crystal clear. It’s 80 degrees with a slight breeze coming off of the sea. The sun is shining and there’s just a few clouds in the sky. Collins Park on Miami Beach is booming with the sights and sounds of the Longines Global Champions Tour. Spectators line the rail on the beach wearing bikinis, coverups, and fedoras with a camera or cell phone camera in hand. The horse gallops by and 3, 2, 1… JUMPS over the middle vertical in the triple combination on the rail just 30 feet from the ocean…

Wow. Talk about the ultimate equestrian experience! The Longines Global Champions Tour Miami Beach features  world’s best horses and riders during the first week of April. The riders, horses, and spectators get to enjoy this relaxing beach setting after finishing a long winded Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida.

For the fourth year, this event is separated into two categories- CSI5* and CSI2* classes. The CSI5* is the top level, where the top ranked riders in the world compete for the highest prize money, over the biggest jumps – up to 1.60M. The CSI 2* is smaller in fence hight, and offers opportunities for many local athletes as well as international rising equestrian stars. 

One of our favorite jumps in the arena was the simple skinny “Miami Beach” vertical facing the ocean.

Celebrity rider Jennifer Gates clears the ‘seahorse fence’ at the Longines Global Champions Tour in a classic white and navy ensemble matching her horse’s attire. 

The crowd intensely stared as the horses jumped just inches away from their faces over the rail. 

Olivier Philippaerts was spotted wearing the family H&M equestrian styled ensemble. Talk about one handsome team…

You couldn’t help but stare at these beautiful horses and riders in the arena at the Longines Global Champions Tour. It’s an incredible event, and if you ever get the chance to experience the thrills of this tour, be sure to check the schedule and mark your calendars for the next one!

Until then, we will keep dreaming from the sidelines.

As the summer nears, we recommend wearing sun stopper shirts that are cool and comfortable for riding, beach outings, or hiking trails. Check out the Goode Rider ‘featured style’ for Miami Beach below.


Goode Rider Goode Sportshirt: Super lightweight, silky, technical fabric in a fun sporty long sleeve sun stopper shirt. This shirt will take you on any activity from running to bike riding or horseback. Streamlined silhouette with contrast details throughout.

Goode Rider Bodysculpting Tights Knee Patch: Our latest riding tights are made from an exciting new technology Nilit Innergy Fiber made with Nylon/Spandex and Silicon F/S provides anti-cellulite, energizing, and body-sculptingproperties These riding breeches take you from a yoga session on the beach, to a riding lesson at the barn, and no need to go home and change. Comfortable, flexible, and super flattering!